Cant render audioWave


Hey guys, have any of u all used Maya’s audioWave node before?.

Anyway what i did is link a audio amplitude to the scale of an object.

However when i batch render it, the object just dissapears.

If you guys need me to post the file up let me know.

please help, appreciate it


i’ve never used it but maybe you could try bake the keys for scale and cut the connection with audiowave after


okok that sounds like it might just work, however Iam still kinda new to maya.

sooo…how do u bake an animation?

sorry still not too sure on how to work the bake function

thanks again


you shouldn’ have to

do you see anything changing in the scale channels ?


hmm did the baking and it worked fine…

i see the scale channel changing whenever i pause the frame, somehow for some reason when i use mental ray to render it, it just doesnt appear.

Best method i think is to just bake the simulation and then render it, works just fine.



Dom, you should definitely check out FFTW. Then you can have spectral and amplitude…


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