Can't recover my psd file! Help me!


Hi everybody,
My window restarted when I was painting by Photoshop CS3. Then I couldn’t open my psd again. Photoshop said: “Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document” :frowning: I tried to recover by some utilities but it isn’t work.
So, anyone can help me repair my psd file?
You can check it here:
Sorry for my English. Thanks you so much.


s**t happens :wink:

unless u know how to code a PSD file…


I had a look at your file using a hexadecimal editor and it turns out that the complete file is filled with zeros. I can tell you with 100% certainty that there is NOTHING to recover.

To avoid disasters like this I would advice you to do check you system for hardware failures. The fact that Windows reboots is the first sign that’s something is wrong.

But now you also have a file that was saved before the crash which contains nothing but zeros, which is VERY strange, because it should always contain some random content, regardless the content of your document.

You should also never work on a single copy, but keep revisions instead (I use Vcom AutoSave) and save often. Using this method and making scheduled backups every hour and external backups every few days, the chances of losing a lot of work are greatly reduced.


Thanks you so much :((.
I’ll use Vcom Autosave and check my hardware.
That’s my fault and 3 days work go to the hell.
Thanks for your advice again.


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