Can't open my beloved octopus in layout


In Modeler everything works just fine. Slow, but fine. I’ve been able to to push my octopus file size from 100mb to 40mb. The model consists of about 100k polygons. If I try to open this file in my scene I get a mesh couldn’t be generated error and afterwards an out of memory error. The model is ment for SubD rendering. I’m in deep deep trouble now as I have to finish this image for Friday.

Please give me an idea what I can do. I’m close to a nervous breakdown as I work everyday till 4 a.m. to meet this deadline, but Lw constantly throws some branches betwwen my legs.


P.S.: After a while nothing happens on screen. Kind of frozen state, while the processor got nothing to do (2%) and there are again 500mb of free RAM available. What the heck is this!?


This is a tough one, and I think we need more information to help out. are you exporting the octopus as a frozen sub-patch model? Is there anyway you can export it as pieces? How many polygons is the object? What are your system specs? What version of LW? etc…

Have you called tech support? They can help you out in cases like this where you are on a tight deadline.


Hey Pancho, will the model load into LightWave layout as the only item?
I was just wopndering what else you have in your scene.


Peter Jespersen
3D Project Manager


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