Can't loop noise in C4D


Observe the following setup:

I essentially want to mirror the object on the other side so that all the geometry comes together. For the pyramids and the tube in the middle (using a formula effector), we can see that this works. However, for the tube on the left, there’s actually a noticeable point where the geometry doesn’t align:

All of the cloners are set up so that the other object is its height away and the y axis is mirrored. You can see it working for the other two, so I don’t understand why it’s not working in this case. I assume it has something to do with the way the noise is projected onto the cylinder, but the problem persists no matter what “space” I choose in the noise settings.

What do I need to do to get the clone of this tube to loop seamlessly with itself? It seems like no matter what I try, it’s just impossible to loop noise in C4D. Anything you can possibly think of just doesn’t work, it’s driving me crazy.

Here’s the scene file: c4d cant loop noise.c4d (254.2 KB)


This noise is not meant to be repetitive across space.
The noise is calculated to be seamless only to the assigned geometry. That’s why there are no brakes along the circumference.

In your case, since you want it to be mirrored, it’s easy.

See this example.c4d (230.9 KB)

You also had the Y scale at -100 which gets you wrong results when you add more clones. Don’t do that when you need stacked clones.


Thanks, that’s helpful, but I guess I just don’t unerstand why my solution is wrong. Since I’m using -100 for the Y scale, that should be the equivalent of mirroring the geometry, right? I don’t understand why the result is different from yours.


When you enter a value in those fields you essentially are telling mograph to scale each consecutive clone by a factor of -100 each time (When Per Step is enabled, which I think you did).

You scale only the object not the effector, this effector cannot be scaled disproportionaly like an object. The effector projects the noise in the same way as in the first clone so it’s like you stack them.

If you want to only mirror things just use the Symmetry object. But since you want clones I guessed you might want to increase their numbers.