Can't import displacement map from photoshop


I’m trying to load displacement maps exported from Photoshop but no matter what format I use it does not work.
I click on import and select the displacement map, it closes and doesn’t show the map in the icon display as it should. I have tried loading from the alpha menu and the same thing happens. However, displacement maps exported straight from Zbrush work. I have tried just saving these files as different files from Photoshop, but the same thing happens.

The reason I am trying to export from photoshop is I want to mask some areas out so they do not effect the mesh. If there is another method, I’d probably use that.

I’m following this workflow using texturingxyz displacement, to apply each layer seperately:

These maps are 32bit, I have tried all the formats and options that are available for export from Photoshop.

I’m really surprised I couldn’t find anyone with the same problem…

Any help would be appreciated.