Can't deselect individual elements?


So, have run into another oddity unique to Silo3D.

There’s no clear way to deselect an individual element.

I’m selecting a series of faces. I mis-click and select a face I didn’t mean to. I want to deselect just the errant face.

I can’t. There is no way for me to de-select just that face. At least none that I’ve found in the settings, in the documentation, or in a google search.

Alt-clicking, Ctrl-clicking, Shift-clicking… with L, R or M mouse buttons doesn’t do it.

Ctrl-Z undoes everything back to the object’s creation.
Ctrl-RMB deselects everything.

The only de-selection info I can find is in the official documentation, which is Ctrl+Space to deselect everything, which isn’t what I’m looking to do.

It’s actually impressive that the designers of Silo3D forgot such a fundamental and obvious function.

Nevercenter, if you’re reading this, you really need to do some research on what is considered the bare basics of a 3D program, and get it into this program. It’s becoming embarrassing for you at this point.


It’s documented.

SHIFT LMB = Add To Selection
SHIFT ALT LMB = Subract From Selection

There is also a separate undo stack for selections:
ALT Z = Undo Selection
ALT SHIFT Z = Redo Selection

It would be worthwhile skimming through the keyboard and mouse settings as more or less every possible command is listed there.