can't delete stuff sometimes (?)


I’m running a PC with WinXP Pro. Every once in a while, I can’t delete stuff 'cause it’s “in use by another person or program. Please make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use.”

It’s not a huge deal, because I can usually just delete all but one random file…like a JPG, PSD or some Illustrator file I’ve not used in months.

I’m curious to know if anybody else gets this, or if you know what it is. It’s kind of annoying because when you’re copying hundreds of megabytes to back up work onto the network, the copy will stop when it encounters a mysteriously “locked” file (even though “read-only” is not checked in the properties).


This happens often when the file in question was not properly released by the program/process that last accessed it. Normally, the file can be deleted after rebooting. If not, then you need special software that performs file delete during the booting process. Here is one:


I get this prob also with some big quicktime clips (over a gig of uncompressed frames)
I get a sharing violation error and can t delete the file
I guess it may be caused by the “lazy write process” of HDDs/ I read somewhere that when you write a file or even copy paste it, especially if it s a big one, the directory of the folder may display it as there although the physical writing is still not finished.
Which means that the writing carries on even if the folder shows the file as there already.
it may causes problem when you access it right after you ve written it or shut down your comp although the lazy write is not done with your file.
You wont have prob to access the file but Windows will have some prob to gather everything back in one hand when it comes to delete it. Dunno if I m clear, or even if I m 100% right , but that s how I elaborated the reasons of those annoying sharing violations error messages. (I have like 20gigs of datas I can t get rid of in my HDDs… weird enough anyway)


THANK YOU! moveonboot may solve my problem…


You could also download the Recovery Console (available somewhere on the windows homepage). It has come in quite handy for me when I needed to delete files that windows automatically has locked.


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