Can't batch Render?


I posted this in the render section but with no luck on finding an answer…sorry mods…you can’t delete this post if you want because it’s also in the render section. Anyways…

I’m trying to do a batch render for a file I have and it’s not letting me get past this part (which is right after I push the batch render button, it’s saying.

“// Result: saving temporary file C:/Documents and Settings/…etc etc…//render__1288.mb”

I can’t save this file in .mb format because it says. . .

// Error: File contains unknown nodes or data. To preserve this information, the current file type cannot be changed. //

So in a nutshell it’s not even letting me batch render because it’s trying to save a temp file as .mb and I can’t do that, I can only save the file as a .mb file due to this error. ANy ideas how I can render this scene?? Thanks!


i cant exetly understand the problem…some nodes? go to hyper shade and right click>edit>delete unused nodes
that might fix it
also, as far as i know, when saving to ma file maya also makes mb file
run command prompt
type for example

c:\projects\scene\render.mb render

this is done outside of maya. If render fails it will tell you why.


Deleting unused nodes in the hypergraph didn’t work. It’s somehow got some nodes stored in the .ma file that can’t be converted or something to a .mb file. Cuz I can’t save the file as a .mb file. Which is what it’s trying to do right before starting a batch render. I couldn’t get that command render to work…I run it from dos? So would it say

C:>documents and settings\ . . . . \ projects\scene\ render ??

I tried that and it said something weird. It didn’t try and render it was something else, like it wasn’t a command. ??


no u didnt understand me correctly
that was just an example.
I ment where ever your scene file is say its called “”
and its located in projects folder on c or what ever.
Use that path to render it from command prompt
also try to importing the scene into a fresh maya scene


Originally posted by Morbid Angel
Use that path to render it from command prompt
also try to importing the scene into a fresh maya scene

Ok, I’ll try importing. I don’t know what to type in the command prompt to get it to render from there? I just type in the path where the file is from c:> then say render at the end??? Never done it this way so bare with me. :slight_smile: Also was wondering…is there a way to select only animatable nodes or something in maya. That way I could just export the anim. curves, start a new scene and import those anims. back onto the characters?


not sure about the animatable node export, however you can export character clips, and then import them into ur new scene,
Regarding rendering, u can aslo do similar thing in your browser right click on or scene “” first option will be Render
that will do the same as trying from command prompt


ok cool. Didn’t know that last part. Thanks! I think importing that scene into a fresh maya window worked. It batch rendered, haven’t looked at it yet though. Thanks!!!


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