Canon 5D Mark II Studio Render, Lech Sokolowski (3D)


Title: Canon 5D Mark II Studio Render
Name: Lech Sokolowski
Country: Poland
Software: Blender, Photoshop

Hello, this is my debut on cgsociety and I post one of my recent works - studio renders of Canon 5D camera.

The model was prepared by me in Blender, it was made for one of the Evermotion’s Archmodels collection released few months ago. It took me a week or so for modeling and 2-3 days for rendering and shaders setup both in Vray (for our studio’s purposes) and Octane Render. As Octane uses GPU cores for rendering, it took about 15 to 20 minutes to render each image (I work on NVidia GTX 275). Later, some standard post production in Photoshop - exposure correction, color balance, sharpening, surface blur etc. nothing special.

The model is quite light - it counts only 50k polygons without smoothing. I also post links to other images:

Hope You enjoy it :slight_smile:


Great job, and love the lighting. That’s a lot of detail!


This is really a great piece of work you have here. Any chance we can get a WIP thread on how you went about lighting and creating some of these materials? Id love to see your workflow. :thumbsup: Keep up the great renders!


Beautiful looking images…
Really like it…


Actually I had one WIP thread on polish blender forum, so here are the images:

Lighting is one simple HDR sphere… just needed to rotate it for a while and then play with camera’s exposure, fstop and ISO values, that’s all. I can post my Photoshop workflow later.



What type of materials did you use for the body and your LCD at the back.


wow… very elaborate


So these images are from Octane?

Dude these are some fricken rock solid images.

Very very very nicely done!


Realistic job dude…very nice


Nice product rendering!


just perfect!!:thumbsup:


those are some great product shots
well done


A perfect studio shot to me!

How have you done your light setup? When those renders are from Octane, it’s based on a HDRI - so what did you use to create it?


A lot of details, a pure render!


great work :thumbsup:


Hi, I’m posting quick post production guide on how I’ve tuned my images:


And the comparisment:


The first image is raw render I got from Octane. To get such lighting mood I needed to make the “ground” surface a little bit glossy and reflecting, so the light coming from HRD sphere would produce much more interesting reflections over the camera itself, ant through the whole “studio”.

Materials were standard Octane glossy shaders, and specular (glass) shader for the LCD, lens etc. I just had to play with their IOR factor ( they were set not like in the physical world, but just to fit my concept) and standard spec/glossy values. GPU rendering gives you opportinity to see the changes in real time, so I didn’t have to spend hours on re-rendering the images to match the shaders - I had the constant preview on how the final output would look like so it was more just like have fun :slight_smile:


killer product design and rendering…


Can u please post the lighting setup screenshots…?
I would like to learn your way of lighting in Studio setup…