cannot see "sketch of the week" anymore


sorry to complain, but I really wonder why there is a “sketch of the week” tag up on front page EVERY DAY. I know there is funky stuff going on in this section, but isnt it something like a regular institution allready. wouldnt it be the same to stick the lightwave forum up on frontpage constantly. we know it exists. who is interested in lightwave will find his way there, but unless there is a speciall competition, interrview or an extraordinary artwork in there it would not get sticked on the front page bar.

No offend, but I have the impression that there are a lot of moderators battling and playing arround in the “sektch of the week” section and thats why it get so much space up there.
for me this space could be equaly used to support outstanding artwork of individuals and as I said in a thread in here befor animation.

for me animation really deserves some special respect, not only because I work in this field :blush: but because it takes a lot of dedication, time and skill to produce a short movie. there are allways at least a hand full of shorts in the finished animation section that would deserve to get some extra attention by getting plugged on front page.
just take a look at this outstanding work here . you can be sure that this beautifull piece of moving art took a good while to get finished.

I know you have internal discussions going on how to arrange the front page bar, so regard this less as a complaint but as a suggestion.


I´m testing, why I post image.


sorry, again


mabye this


Kurva to snad né





SORRY mimo 8 , I must something try


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