Cannot see anything other than skin


Hi, my Company purchased the version of Adam and Eve without the ACT plugins, and my problem is I cannot see any of the muscles and only a few bones, (skull, shoulder blades) and the eyeballs and the skin. I can see bunch of Geom Stand-in boxes that all over the model.

I believe my employer bought this to use this without animation, so he got the cheaper version of it. And I was told that the plugins are only for the animateable version of it such as (actoools.dlo, skinengine.dlo, skin_limb_engine.dlo, blendengine.dlo) which are missing.

But if I un-hide everything, all I see are dummy objects everywhere…something I am doing wrong?


Thats normal, the only mesh in the hole scene is the skin. The bones, the muscles and the “proxy” skin are objects of parametric geometry created by the plugins you are missing. The bones and the muscles are cgMuscles, and this “proxy” skin objects are cgTubes, both geometries are created by the plugins. The skin is a normal mesh with modifiers that need the plugins also.

I may be wrong but if you want to see the bones and muscles, you will need the plug ins. Try downloading the evaluation version from their website.

Good luck

Rafael Polit
Quito, Ecuador.


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