cannot remember custom shelf, maya 2013, win7!



I’m struggling here to create an additional custom shelf tab with some commands in it.
The problem is that after I close and reopen maya the shelf tab is there but empty!

I’m going to prefs/shelves and my custom shelf_MyCustom.mel is there, it’s not empty and all the code I’ve added is there as well. Only doesn’t show up in maya, I’ve checked out the syntax compared with other shelves looks the same. My Documents folder is with full permissions, using windows 7 x64.

That happened before but didn’t have the time to deal with it and leave it unsolved, now I’m trying to sort all the tools I’ve developed from the last project and for something so simple I’m facing a concrete wall!
By the way I don’t mind to delete all the preferences because there are a lot of custom things all ready setted up which I’ll get mad if had to set again from zero.

Any suggestions are welcome.


I found some weird behaviour, the custom shelf I made will reopen correctly on the next maya start only if maya is run as administrator and the shelf must be created only from the shelf editor, if I create the shelf by clicking on the shelf button and choose “new shelf” from the drop down list the resulted shelf will reopen empty on the next start of maya.


One weird thing I found out by an experience similar to yours is that your shelf buttons may disappear if you happen to give a Layer the same name as the shelf tab. In my case I named the layer containing my construction curves the name “Curves.” The original shelf tab “Curves” promptly disappeared, along with other weird behavior.

Perhaps not identical to your problem, but HTH!



what happens to the mel shelf file in your prefs when you close maya? Do you have some weird permissions on those folders ? Despite maya’s shortcomings this one should be easily traced down.


Thanks for the response guys!

Here’s the simplest shelf I can show up here, it’s the job submission button to thinkbox deadline renderfarm and it contains only one word as a command (very simple one).
This shelf file is located in the same folder as all other shelves and have absolutely the same permissions as the other files. The result is that when I restart maya this shelf loads up as empty one without any sign of button in it, but you can see in the shelf code that there is info for the button itself. :eek:

global proc shelf_Thinkbox () {
    global string $gBuffStr;
    global string $gBuffStr0;
    global string $gBuffStr1;

        -enableCommandRepeat 1
        -enable 1
        -width 34
        -height 34
        -manage 1
        -visible 1
        -preventOverride 0
        -annotation "Submit To Deadline" 
        -enableBackground 0
        -align "center" 
        -labelOffset 0
        -font "plainLabelFont" 
        -overlayLabelColor 0.8 0.8 0.8 
        -overlayLabelBackColor 0 0 0 0.25 
        -image "commandButton.xpm" 
        -image1 "commandButton.xpm" 
        -style "iconOnly" 
        -marginWidth 1
        -marginHeight 1
        -command "SubmitJobToDeadline" 
        -sourceType "mel" 
        -commandRepeatable 1



I found that when I start maya with default preferences all the shelf stuff behaves as it is supposed to be. I create any kind of shelves and buttons and they are all there at the next maya start.

So the problem of not “remembering” the new shelves content in my case is probably caused by some additional user prefs that are messy inherited from older versions of maya. And actually the shelves are all remembered (looking them in text editor) but by some reason their content is not displayed by the maya’s gui.
It looks that I’ll have to re-create all my custom settings and probably the “bug” will be fixed :scream:


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