Cannot re-assign SPACEBAR shortcut


Hi there,

I want to re-configure the spacebar shortcut but, apparently, no matter what I try it keeps triggering the same behavior.
Basically, I’m editing a spline and I need to switch tool by pressing the spacebar. But every time I do that, C4D starts the animation.
I opened the Customize Commands and looked for the SPACE shortcut. I then removed it from all the animation-related commands and at the moment it’s only active for the Toggle Active Tool. Nonetheless, C4D insists in playing the animation.
Is there a solution to this?


I tried this on two different machines with the same exact results.
It’s quite painful as the current job I’m working on requires a lot switching between selecting and playing the animation. The only solution I can see atm is to create a command in the UI (haven’t checked, but I guess it’s doable), which is not what I want as I don’t want to click on the UI, I want to use the keyboard. Is it really not possible??


If you’re using C4D defaults, the behavior you’re describing would only happen if your mouse is in the timeline. Try hovering over something else, like the viewport, and hit the spacebar. It should then switch between tools.