Cannot orbit / rotate in perspective view via keyboard / mouse or button in upper right of viewport


Ultranoob moment:

I’ve suddenly lost the ability to orbit / rotate the view in perspective viewport via keyboard / mouse or button. Scale and pan work fine, but I can’t rotate or orbit at all.

What might cause this?

Mac / R20


Another couple hours today, and it’s become increasingly clear that I’m globally locked out of any kind of viewport rotation.

  1. Key / mouse combos like 3 / mouseclick or alt / click drag do nothing in any view.

  2. Orbit / rotate viewport button does nothing in any view

  3. All forms of banking, roll, orbit, etc are disabled in every project existing and new for all cameras and default view.

Seems very clear to me this is some sort of global disable being imposed, so very surprised to find absolutely no mention of it so far in hours of searching net, manual, trying every key on extended keyboard, checking and unchecking every option in navigation prefs, etc.

What would cause this?


Have you accidently turned on Camera 2D mode (under cameras, top of viewport) ?


Gonna have to buy you a pint, mate.

Very weird that not one single thing came up for all my searches relating to every word I could tie to concept of locked viewport rotation.

I would think you’d still be able to roll in 2d mode… but apparently not.