Cannon Camera


NO just kidding, it’s a Civil War cannon. Started back onto that model, changing things a bit as I can’t get lw to do the exact geometry the way I want (reasonably).
If this goes anything like all my other projects i’ll probably shelf it halfway through and never touch it again. Maybe by posting my wip here now and then will give me enough push to see it through the end…
The way things seem to be going for me, I wont touch lw for a week, or 2, then I spend half a night doodling around in it.


After a bit more doodling…


Looks good, would like to see the reference you’re going off of. Also, I seem to remember you having a problem with splines, and getting geometry to go from a smooth round slope to a sharp crisp, 90 degree angle? (maybe not) but if so, you can increase the subpatch weight of points. In the weight menu, select the map Subpatch Weight. Then click a point that you want to be an angle, rather than smoothed, choose the weights tool and click/drag to the right or left, watch the results. Pretty interesting stuff. Hope that helps,


PS uh, if you already knew that, just ignore me. Sorry.


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