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Last update[size=2]: [/size]

Yooo everybody! the last update…i’m happy of the result… a few work on the teeth and it’ll be finish. what do you think about?


Any comments? any critics? please dude… just tell me what you think about it? i agree that its not enough original…but it’s just the beginning…plzzzzzzzz:)


You have a very nice mesh going. Do you have any concept sketches to work from?
C’est ou Lille?


Some update of the head and the torso…C&C are very welcome!

Junerahe: thkx man, i’ll post my concept sketch soon. Lille c’est dans le nord de la France, c’est la grande ville de la région; à quelques kilomètres de la belgique.


What should I do in order to have a little comment ?..or a critics…pleease:cry:


I like how this is coming up, i got no crits :surprised because I definitely can’t model something like this yet, but keep it up and youll see that you will get lots of comments, so keep posting!


New update… focus on the torso.


lastest update…back.



this skull will be put on the head of my character…


The model is looking good, but a few things stand out at me…

His ears looks a bit weird, they seem to blend into the head too much in the front part, just break up that transition and it’ll look better. Run your finger up and down the front area of your ear and you’ll get what i’m talking about… and the earlobe as well.

The other thing is his neck. The muscle that runs from the neck towards the collar bone looks really exaggerated to me. It only really shows up when he would turn his head or if he was old. Not saying that it shouldn’t be there, but make it more subtle and it’ll look better.

Keep posting even though you don’t get replies right away… not everyone checks all the posts and not everyone replies to the ones they look at :thumbsup:


Do you have a reason for modeling the arms posed like that?

The skull looks nice.


LiquidStorm3D: You’re right for the ears.When I modelled the head, I knew already that I should improve the ears…and so i’ll work on it when i finish the whole body.

the muscles of the neck, the Sterno cleïdo mastoïdien, i’ve modeled it very exaggerated because my character will look like he’s screaming…like that:

Thanks you man for your advices and for posting here.:thumbsup:

Juzz: if I’ve modeled the arms in this position is for the bones phase. infact is more easy, for the IK cinematic and the skinning, to put any body part,like the arms or the legs, slightly folded.
thanks man for tour comment.


how many sides do the faces around the groin have? When i model i try to have 4 sided faces mostly with as few 3 or 5 sideds at all. Those appear to be 10 or eleven. might want to fix that.


Svayne: You’re right for the groin…but it’s not the last wireframe update…so i’ll post the lastest one…in fact, I try to have as much as possible 4 sided faces…in this wip, there are some 5 or 3 sided faces…but i’ll fix that before export my mesh to Zbrush…in order to have a whole 4 sided faces model. (maybe one or two 3 sided faces :D)


That is going along nicely. Good clean modeling so far. I don’t have realy any critiques at this point


the angry man:


still a little work on the thighs…and so i’ve to do the UV.:sad: i’m not a UV lovers…


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