Candle, Matt Roussel (3D)


Title: Candle
Name: Matt Roussel
Country: France
Software: CINEMA 4D

here an other show how blow out a candle whith the breath of a noise.
made whith cinema 4d and a hdri render.
hope you enjoy it.


Hey Matt,

This looks great! You’ve definitely go your own cartoon style which is very recognizable.

No comments on model/lighting as I really like it all…the only thing I’m not sure about is what the “wind” is coming out of…is that a bottle? I don’t understand that part.

Otherwise, great job!


hehe funny one, love the facial expression that the candle has :slight_smile:
good work


Nice and colourful!


Fun! And well done! :bounce:

Reminds me of comics.


Pretty much what they said points above, really nice
Only thing is that the flame could be more, like, realistic in terms of, Im not sure how to explain.

And are materials meant to be like that or should they be more realistic in terms of, ie. wax?


i like characters… candles face and red creatures very funny. good job:thumbsup:


nice setup. cool lighting. :thumbsup:


Me encanta. :applause:


some mapping adding to the blaze or something else maybe better


Cool cartoony style. One thing I would suggest is to put a glow effect on the flame so that it looks illuminating. At first when I saw it I didn’t even realize it was a flame, a glow would definetly help that. Other than that, great job, nothing else to say.


HA, i love the style you have there man… very cool, i love it.


Cool, I dig it. I like your cartoon style here.


Really funny!:smiley:


I have never missed a posting of yours yet, Matt. I am your biggest fan!


beauty work!


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