Can you keep this secret from grandma?, Peter Lee (2D)


Title: Can you keep this secret from grandma?
Name: Peter Lee
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Photoshop

Long time to no see, cgsociety people!
Every Korean man must DO national defence duty for two years. I finished national defence duty last December.
so, this is my first work by freeman. :smiley:
I want to paint this work what woman likes more than man. My friends shocked my work, they didn’t believe I painted that. whatever they thought, I finished this work!

I’m trying to illustrate little girls emotion! When I was child, I believed a santa claus, I believed a fairy is really existed. I love these imagination. those made me be in a flutter.

What do you think?
I’m look foward to reading your opinion.
how about your childhood memory?


Great illustration. Me like:)


Very Nice, i like it :thumbsup:


really cute and amazing picture!
I’m impressed, you make my childhood emotions comes back ))))


Beautiful color work!Excellent!


you draw your childhood memory very well, i like how the fish floating and your color usage, above all , i love the girl, the pig that she’s holding and dog expression, looking at this I’m quite sure you have beautiful childhood memories ^^, well done dear ^^, l look forward to your works ^^


Very nice work! It’s Beautiful!


I loved it!great work…!seems like a dream.:love:


excelent work.


Good job with the little girl. I do get that expression. The top of the tree and its brush work is really nice. Nice concept here. Good job.


Masterpiece Foredea ! your illustration will influence me for sure cause I love everything in.
Colors, design, theme and character style . Oooaao, exellent job !


It’s really beautiful, I like it! :wink:


This is a truly magical piece of work, Peter - you have absolutely captured the magic of childhood. 5* from me!



Gorgeous illustration! :love:


great color and light!! great use of detail to direct focus and accentuate the subject.


Absolutely amazin’, fantastic in every way!:applause:


Excellent color, lighting, and technique! :beer:


Well done! Lots of motion and light, and I enjoy the subtle flatness in the style


I love the surrealism that you used. you definitely caught the emotion you wanted :beer:


Just love it! Beautiful :slight_smile: