Can you guess what it is yet? - David O is off again!


Feel a bit like Rolf Harris

Can you guess what it is yet?


Top right


Nice Catche :slight_smile:


A particle tracer?


Looks like pCache. Possibly via traced paths.


Gotcha, maybe a plugin to cache the Tracer


Whatever pThing it is, I’ll buy it!



I give up.


looks like a flame from a jet engine


c,mon Dave - spill the beans


A swarm of insects all trying to get through a door at once.


I think it looks like a load of red and blue lines and green dots. It’s a red and blue line and green dot maker.
What do I win. Can I get the cash instead.


Cacheable tracers? Say whuuuuut?? You can have all my money!! :bounce:


more info posted…


I´m sure this one is going to be awesome… finally TP is getting useful again ^^


pCache is now released and available to all to download, more info on our site. Thanks.


So should customers not download from the customer area from now on?


The customers area is where customers get access to the latest versions of our plugins and documentation. At the moment it just happens that pCache is on its first public release so the version in the Downloads is the same.

The latest pShade is also needed to work with pCache so that also happens to be the same version. They won’t be the same versions for long though :slight_smile:

New updates for both and rBoole are in the works and will be up soon (for customers only) along with pCache docs.

If you’re unsure our FAQ section has info and you can also e-mail us.

HTH. Thanks.


Hurray! Thanks! Is documentation done?


Working on it, they should be up for customers by the end of the week. Until today pCache was just an early test for customers only. Now that it has matured we can start documentation. Thanks.


This is a great tool–Thank you