Can you extract meshes from 2 separate models?


I have two separate OBJs from created by Daz 3D of there model Michael 4. One OBJ is full res model, and the other is a much lower res model around 4k polygons. I want to create ambient occlusion and normal maps from the high res model and apply it to the low resolution one. For some reason when I load both models into Mudbox and try generate the maps it just freezes the program. Is what I’m attempting to do even possible?


yes its possible… the high and the low dont have to be the same mesh or topology…
i assume the meshes from daz arnt that clean…


In the past I’ve found freezing when baking maps can be down to UVs too close to the UV border. I think Mudbox freezes when it tries to pad the edges and hits the edge. Try scaling down the UVs and bake again if you can.


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