Can you critique my Reel ?


This is my first reel.



*Maybe I can give you a few things that stand out. *I’m not sure what part of the industry you want to model for? film/games/commercial?a few things that can help is to put a software Icon on each image to tell me what software you are using. If you want to model for games then game res models help not all recruiters care about polycount these days but posting the polycount can help them to understand you’re aiming for in-game stuff. Depending on where you want to go characters with hair are less helpful than showing me pieces that tell me you have a strong sense of form or anatomy. Music isn’timportant most of the time we turn it off so I always recomend to keep it subtle and in the background.

Getting a demo reel done is a big step in itself so nice work. I would suggest starting a new reel and choosing a character or model that has a purpose for a game /commercial or film keep posting here and we can help.