Can we see Uppergrouds today, mommy?, Pavel Lagutin (2D)


Title: Can we see Uppergrouds today, mommy?
Name: Pavel Lagutin
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

Even in postapocaliptic world there will be romance, dreams, hopes and excitemens.
It`s was based on picture of the single concreet wall i shot in abandoned building, but in process i added many elements and figures so there is mostly my paint with Photoshop left and overpaintet quick 3Ds i did for propper geometry and perespective.Thanks for looking!


That’s horrible and it’s a nice work~ cheers


That’s unique in that you have captured a child-like hope very human in nature by using a different race/species and even a creepy dank setting. It’s nice to still feel sometimes that all hope is not lost yet, even when things look bad.:slight_smile:


horrible but touching and beautiful at the same time. Very nice concept, very well executed. Top marks.



This is crazy. I love it, great colors, contrast and lighting. Keep up the good work


Ohh WoW…Powerful artwork and wonderful shadings…Highlights are just superb in the image…Take carez…Cheers:)


Wow, this one definately ‘gets’ me! Amazing how you made that baby alienish mutant so full of hope and joy and his / her mother sorrowful and caring no matter how busy she is. Great piece again!


brrr… horrible I mean the idea not the picture. It’s great :slight_smile:


hey. contrast, lighting and textures r so cooooool! good job.:thumbsup:


Wow … Amazing …

I love it … you’ve made a beautiful atmosphere … 5*


awesome theme, like the color scheme, great idea


Congrats on the award Pavel - you thoroughly deserve it - I love this piece. It is full of character and emotion and artistry. Excellent work.



Fantastic work. Your artwork is superb. The detailed painting is top shelf.
Frank Picini


Two magic words for you Pavel, Geometry and perspective. I like so much the uppr rigth side of the image and the bootom left corner.

Ligthing: out of range.
Texturing/colorizing: superb.
Composition: Charming.
Perspective and Geometry: frist time I see in CGs this well point of view. My respects.

A solid 5 stars for you.


Thank you all!
I expect what this picture too personal and what it wouldnt be very popular here because of theme. But i didnt expect what it`s find his viewers who will love it and will be Awarded by CGSociety.
Thank you very much again!


nice work mate. keep going.


I don’t know what to say except…I love it! Concept, color, lighting all great! 5 stars


Vwey nicw qoeka, locw rgw darkness of it.

KD Matheson


I really admire this piece and must I say that if I were an alien I would like to meet her!..(I know thats creepy, but…I Love this!)


impressive stuff! love composition!