Can this be be done using Messiah


I want to grow branches from the trunk of a tree.

In Lightwave it can be done several ways using Weight Maps and plugins like Fertilizer and Smartmorph.
I’m just getting started in Messiah 3 so my knowledge is limited to the the basics, but from reading the posts messiah does not support WMaps.

A search did not bring up much, but then again I could have missed it.


This tute from Christopher Lutz should put you are the right path


Thanks for the link. Very useful, but this tutorial creates the object using a particle emitter, where as my problem is I have a tree that I has already modeled. The branches need to grow but without WMaps i’m not sure how to achieve it in Messiah.


If you are trying to ‘mask’ out areas of the object so they ‘grow’ per frame, so to speak you can use meta effectors. But it would be easier if you could given an example, vid maybe?



Quick & dirty file for you


edit: In ‘effector’ tab, turn ‘Field of influence’ to ‘Constant’.


Thanks for the setup.

This is easy to do in LW with a 0 to 100% WMap and Fertilizer.
The object I posted is simply but can be very detailed.
I just hoped a similar solution was in Messiah.

QT File

LW Files

Fertilizer Plugin


Actually more possibilities are available through using metaweights, curve weights and meta effectors. You can also animate curve weights (every node`s motion,opacity, strength controls are animatable). I do not know the premises of fertilizers at the moment. But I made a basic screenshot to show how it may work out. Object is a batwing object from one of Joe Cosman cds.

It is a simple example to demonstrate branching of opacity.


Thanks for the confirmation.
Looks like I need to get into some of Joe’s Tuts and get up to speed.


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