Can stripes with stars evenly spaced in center of them be created on single color shader w/o alpha, etc?


I can think of a few ways to do this, but they seem inefficient, and wondering if there’s a simpelr built in method to create stripes with evenly spaced stars running along the center of the lines.

I could do this by stacking multiple layers on top of each other with the stars being on a layer where everything else is alpha’d out, but this seems particularly inefficient.

I’ve spent a little time with the star shader, but the single “density” control seems remarkably unsuited to specific placement of the stars.

I could create a tesselation in photoshop and import it, but I’d either need to create a huge jpg, or there would be pixelation issues with all the deformations going on.

Is there some way to combine these elements into just the color shader without resorting to alpha, imported images, or other inefficient processes?


Stars n’ stripes?


OK. Layer masks as a layer within shader is new to me. Can’t tell, though how the star is formed. It looks like you have two squares there. I need 5 pointed sar, so will have to look into the masks to see if that is doable.

Is there any way using built in star creator like stars shader or something where I can just input inner and outer radius, etc?


You know, You’re creating a lot more work for yourself than just bring in an image of the star you need.


OK. That was my first instinct. I was just trying to lighten project since even fairly large one I did on first attempt was pixelating from deformations, so figured maybe I could avoid that by generating it through built in tools.

I thougt it might be easy since built in star creator, but that seems to have rather unhelpful controls (density, etc), and trying to familiarize myself with some of the additional options within the shader.


There’s a spline shader that you could also use to make it dynamic.

Create a star primitive, drop it in the spline shader and adjust the parameters.


Sounds good. I was hoping something was built into shader, but that sounds like it may be the most direct method available for procedural generation with full control of star generation.

Would that then be a layer added on top of a stripe layer using stripe 1 mode in tiler or something like that?