can someone give me feedback on my work?


i’ve been applying for jobs and no employer has replied to me.


I like your job

im not professional, but in last pic i see any points maybe can get better

  1. Not all objects produced shadows, but this is important, all obj can be produce shadows
  2. Bump map can be affected by lighting and shadows too
  3. You can use volume map for lighting and some or near fade effects in global illumination

it is tips for last render, the first images is very cool to me, Note 10


I would say less is more and push one of the assets you have further.

The more specific you are the easier it is to help you. for example what kind of game or what studios are you applying to do you have any examples you can link here? To help can you post your full reel that you send to the studio as well as link to your linkedin. You can get a lot of help but the more info we have the more targeted the answer:)