Can Rendering Impact Memory Leakage?


I recently started doing render farm rendering with my three Macs. All went well. I also use the three Macs for another networked activity. For the last few years I’ve been using my Master Mac to house a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) - Digital Performer (DP). I’ve also been using a networked hosting solution Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) housed on the three Macs to house a number of virtual instruments. The virtual instrument plug-ins are housed on the VEP servers and the servers are accessed from within DP. I’ve been using this digital audio configuration for years with no problem. Until recently.

Now, after the recent render farm rendering with the same computers, I’m getting low memory warnings from the OS when I connect VEP to DP - something I’ve never had before. The VEP and DP tech people say they know of no others having this problem and they can think of no reason why I would be having this memory leakage problem. When I open up Activity Monitor you can see in real time the memory leaking out of VEP and DP.

So, I’m wondering if it is possible that the 3D render farm rendering I did just prior to this problem could have had an influence on this memory leakage? This may be a along shot, but I’m trying to explore all the options of changes that occurred before this problem arose. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!


I’ve definitely had memory leaks before, but they were scene dependent - so I was able to isolate the problem, report it to Maxon, and they were able to find the cause and patch it. So that could be the case.

How much RAM do each of these slave machines have? How much is being dedicated to rendering?


The master iMac has 32 GB. One slave iMac has 16 GB and the other slave Mac Pro has 32 GB.

You asked how much ram was dedicated for rendering. I didn’t do any dedicating of ram. Should I? And if so, how do you do it?

The strange thing about this situation is that the leakage is showing up in a whole set of applications - other than C4D. Does that make any sense?


When you say that the leakage is showing up in a variety of apps - what exactly are you seeing? Each program is slowly using up more and more RAM?

How big are the scene files that you’re rendering? Are there a ton of generators?


As I detailed in my original post, the leakage I’m seeing is not in C4D. They are showing up in two audio apps - Vienna Ensemble Pro and Digital Performer. But, this all began after I started doing a render farm on the same machines. Again, this may be a long shot that the C4D rendering had anything to do with the audio app leakages.

What I’m seeing is if I open Activity Monitor, I can see the ram usage climb in each of them - even if there is very little loaded or any activity going on in the apps.


c4d cannot cause a leak in the other apps, at most it would possibly cause a problem in the audio apps to happen faster. ie. if c4d has a chunk of memory taken up, this was memory which the audio apps could previously use and thus the memory issues may not have happened as soon.