Can posemorph and bevel deformer work on same object?


I am finding that the combination of a bevel deformer and a posemorph tag is a mess. Open the attached file, activate the bevel deformer, save the file and close, then re-open.

Work for anyone? (130.9 KB)


Does not work for me either.


I guess the pose morph freaks out because the bevel deformer changes the topology of the mesh (i.e. creates new polygons/points). As a workaround you can use a connect object to create an instance (you could also use the instance object but the connect does pretty much the same and also hides the original for you) and deform that instead. Example is attached.
posemorph-bevel-fixed.c4d (1.3 MB)


Thanks - I did figure out the connect object approach, but in my case it might not be an option for various reasons (I was hoping to keep the set up very simple).

But I guess that does explain why it fails.