Can it be an Animated Feature Film for children with low budget? 6+


Hi everyone.
We are working on an indie animation film 6+. This is a trailer, showing the mood and characters.
And would like to ask your opinion on the work been done: what is interesting and what is awful? What to change from scratch? Can this story exist?
Thanks a lot.



A mythological character stating what is true what is and false ?


Thanks for your question) The story would be some some kind of relation between an Angel and a boy. Angel shows parallel world and explains that many thing are different then we see, that technology becomes quite dangerous and has its own mind (maybe like in Terminator 2). And the boys father is the main inventor of it…


I think you have a lot of potential.

May I ask the following uncomfortable questions ? If you’d rather not, I understand and I can move on to some critiques.

How old are you?
What kind of team do you have along side?
This looks tailored to ages 6 through 9 right?
How much are you willing to ditch completely ?

Right now the storyline is what bothers me the most. To me, artistic and technical stuff is secondary in this particular piece.


Thanks for your interest.
I am 35. There is a script writer, director and some art team. But most of work I have done by myself (all 3d stuff). Our studio has finished feature animated film last year But the new project is mostly personal one.
Yes, it for children about 6-12 years old. About budget, I guess it would be 700 000 usd for pre production and production.

I understand that its raw and that s why I am open for any critic and comments) Its just a start.

Thanks a lot.

PS: I can send you synopsis if you would like. Just give me your e-mail.


Hey Alladin.
I have two thoughts I wanted to share with you.
First, the target audience is too broad. You should try to narrow it down further. I know it’s every artists dream to make something that will work across ages and gender.
But there is a vast difference between targeting a story to a 6 year old and a 12 year old.
Maybe 6-8 instead? That might help narrow down the style as well.

Second thought, your short film doesn’t represent the project at all.
I don’t see your story (and certainly not the style of your concept art) reflected in the short film. So I would start there, and make a teaser which really captures the essence of your movie. And gives the audience a taste of what the final product will be like.

Best of luck


Thanks Doffer.
Your advice is of a great value.
You are right that trailer doesn’t show the mood of the whole film. Should continue working with characters, their patterns. Then choose exiting parts from the script and compose small trailer)

There is also a test of a Gydra walk. Just looking for the style of it.