can i use images in a mattepainting?


Hi everybody!

I have a doubt in mattepainting.while i have to create a landscape or anything else,can i use photographs and images that downloaded from net. eventhough i correct the colour and lighting of them will it be a mattepainting? in any of the studios following this method in their production ? or else will they paint the whole scene by themselves?


there’s no law on what to do and what not to…its what works that counts and if a photo is better than any other method, or more efficient, then go with it. That said for professional work all source material will have its copyright cleared before the image is used.


I work as a retoucher and use images from the web all the time but only if I somehow change it so it is not recognizable. If it is for commercial work then you should be careful about this.

For personal stuff anything goes.


Hi halo and Whipyo thanks a lot guys…
In the films which we works for were low budget films and in short schedule, so that VFX companies runs behind the deadline than we uses images to make a scene. so that i asked how it’s in your companies.


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