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I have just bought Maya and it does not work on my computer. I am silly because I did not look at the specs that good. I am about to buy a brand new pc for just Maya. Can anyone suggest what is the best to use? Windows, Linux, Apple?

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The best is Linux for many reasons: is free, is faster and is the most stable. After that is windows and dont even think about apple.

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you’re gonna buy a brand new computer after just having bought maya? Man, have you won a lottery :smiley: $_$

anyhow, wwat are your current specs? I just can’t believe you didn’t look at the specs, you can at least expect some sort of specs recuired for a 6000 $ 3d app. But anyhow,

You could go for Linux or windows PRO, I havn’t ever worked with Linux, I don’t even know how it’s supposed to look, so I can’t advise on that.

As the other specs, take at least 512 DDR of memory, more is always welcome. I reccomend 1024 DDR, but that’s just logical. Buy a fast processor, something lie 3 Ghz and be sure you’ll have a good fan to cool everything. Also, be sure to have a good amount of HD space. I’d say something like 40/80 GB is more than enough. Most of maya’s stuff depend on CPU and momory, but a really good video card is always welcome too. You could go for the newest Gforce, but since you’re a millionair, you could buy the Quadro too :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know precicly about Radeon, search the forum for that.


Hey man.

Look at these BOXX Computers.
These are especially built for 3D.

Very good things !



… dont even think about apple - cause ther´s the devil inside and these machines dont even startup propperly


The boxx computers are nothing else then normal workstations, just a bit more expensive, and with that “very cool” label. If you just buy the components, you get your workstation cheaper. If you’re rich, buy 2 Pentium 4 3.4 ghz, or 2 AMD Opteron 2600+, with a geforce quadro fx, if your not so rich, well, my Maya goes pritty nice on my single AMD 2800 with a Radeon 9600XT, but really important is the giga of ram, just 512mb don’t last for big scenes.


I agree, if u got the dough and the talent, get a boxx machine or alienbrain.



Use Windows, instead of Linux. Maya 6 crashes quite often in Mandrake distribution and Fedora. As much as we don’t like Bill Gates getting richer, Windows is still mainstream.


Yes maya on linux is quite possibly going to crash on an unsupported distribution, I have used it on both OS’s and I can say it crashes far less on linux than windows 2000/XP, give Bill Gates a wide birth everything microsoft touches turns to shit. Rock god knows why you are running Mandrake or Fedora, fedora being “bleeding edge” technology and still quite buggy. I have heard good things about Gentoo and myself use slackware.Ofcourse you can always use a supported distribution like redhat 9 or RHEL WS. Your stability issue could be a video driver issue, a tip a friend told me about was to replace the libstdc++ from your system /usr/lib with the one in the maya library folder and relink it, maya has been running fine since.
If you want a reliable system dont install XP and go for the linux option.




We have a bunch of pc’s with XP and Maya 6 in here, Maya crashes are VERY rare. Also no problems with viruses. In an OS, I prefer ease of installation and use, to total control at my fingertips. I have some small doubts about Linux’ future (it’s 2004 but Linux only has around 3% marketshare on desktops), no such doubts about MS. The small extra expense is no big deal.

edit: an interesting well-informed discussion here about Linux versus Windows, to help you make your choice:


Hi Steven, I dont know how you keep viruses at bay even with up to date definitions its mostly spyware that gets me frustrated given that I do use XP I have to say yes ease of installation is cool, anyone who doesnt appreciate that would have to be a nutball.It seems everytime I go to play an avi file windows explorer decides to close. Microsofts business practices get under my skin and given that cg artists seem to be generally more savvy as far as their system knowledge goes, yes linux can be a pain to setup but then I dont have to reboot everytime I install something:rolleyes: but theres the 1.5Gb memory limitation which used to crash maya all the time and god knows you dont wanna be using swap space when you’re rendering.Linux is free give it a try, if you dont like it you can always fork out several hundred dollars for an OS with pre-installed spyware, important thing is its your choice.
I’ll shut up now hehe



I am on XP and Maya very rarily crashes on me…for the bugs n viruses
get Kaspersky Anti virus…probably the best out there…along with “pest patrol” to prevent the spyware…and i use google toolbar to get the popups…

it keeps the system pretty clean…cept of course if you are going to the porn sites…nothing is going to save you from that if u are using explorer.

stick with mozilla…or firefox…or opera…


Just one thing orangejuice, dont you purchase a maya license for a particular OS? I bought maya 5 Complete for linux, then got the 6 upgrade with Win/Linux/Irix/Mac, I run it on linux and I guess because its node locked I have XP running on the same machine whetehr I can “legally” run maya on bot OS’s, cant be fagged reading the license agreement :smiley:



Our virus software and firewall seems able to deal with the situation, anyway I don’t use my 3d machine for surfing and email.

About the memory limitation, I haven’t come up to it yet. We’re using Mental Ray, would Linux have a big impact there? Haven’t seen any disk swapping yet.
Anyway, we have an incompatibility issue on the office network with running Linux, maybe one day we’ll be able to but not right now.


Good point steven, I have to do pretty much everything on one machine as a lot of people do I guess, and yes windows can only assign 1.6Gb Gb of system memory to one application which can be kinda scary when you have a big scene which might take up 1Gb when loaded, linux can handle 6Gb of system memory which is why I chose that version and I find it a little faster, theres more info on these various threads:




This is a good thread, I hadn’t even heard about the memory limitation, until five minutes ago.

I use XP and I don’t have trouble with anything. It might crash sometimes, but that’s mostly due my own fault. Often I’ve got a lot of programs open, or I’ve got something open I forgot to shut down, but is just open for nothing. I ussually go a bit too fast for my comp. I’ve got a 1.8 ghz and 512 DDR memory, so the speed is a bit limited. If I crash it’s my fault most of the time. There are some occasions it’s XP’s faultm but it crashes a lot less the Win 98!


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