Can i get a 3D career?


]At the moment i am doing a National Diploma course in Media Production(film+TV). can i move onto a 3D university course from this. I have tought myself 3D using Blender, but is that enough?. :hmm:


Yes, your ND theoretically (as long as you score high enough) will provide enough UCAS points to get a place on a degree. However for most decent animation courses you will need to provide a portfolio of traditional drawing/painting as well as the digital 3D work.


thanks for replying, is having a GCSE in english important? i have some drawings and paintings from my GCSE Art do you think that would help? sorry for all the questions


It depends on the course. My own courses require Maths and English at grade C or higher, and I would expect some of the other animation courses in the UK will do as well. The English qualification is likely to be a standard for any degree in the UK, because without it, the university will query your ability to write essays and dissertations - and you can’t pass a degree without those. I don’t know whether drawings from GCSE level will help you without seeing them. They would have to be pretty good though, most applicants to a good animation course will have Foundation Art/A-level Art/BTEC Art and Design artwork, which should be much better than GCSE art.


ok thanks that made me think a bit :hmm:


Is there any particular reason why you specifically want to do a university degree?


What industry do you want to get into Flims and Commercials, Games or Visualisation?

What job role would you want after finishing a course? Modeler, texture artist, lighter and etc?

It would help people to answer your question in more detail if you tell a little bit about yourself if you don’t mind.

I surppose its alright to say this, cause you want to get into the industry, that you don’t necessarily need a degree. What matters is your level of work in your reel or portfolio.


well I thought you need a university degree to get a 3d job, as well as a good portfolio. and I’m not really sure what part of 3d I want to do as a job, its so confusing everyone saying different things. Just wondering to do 3d architecture as a job do you need to actually do architecture or can you just be good at modelling.


You don´t need a university degree to get a 3d job at all. Of course that will be a plus, but botton line is…there are companys, studios, etc, that need some kind of job done. Well done. If you can do it, nobody cares how you have the knowledge/skills to do it. A good portfolio showing good skills in the area you are attempting to work on, eye for detail, etc is ten times better that a degree with a awfull portfolio.
in my opinion a list of things from more to less important in order to get and then mantain a job would be:

A real interest for the 3d/art/design/animation.
Lots of hours studing and practicing.
A university degree.

But, that list will no work the same for everyone and under all circunstances. I´m not talking about special cases here, like people with really good contacts, or some schools of animation that can really make a difference if you studied with them.

Well, that´s my opinion anayway.

good luck!


ok thanks for replying, do i need to focus on a particular area in 3d for a portfolio or can i do different areas. :hmm:


University is the perfect location to develop that talent ( if you have it ). University covers so much more more than just learning how to push buttons . I suggest your target should be Bournemouth its highly regarded.



ok thanks i think the bournemouth 3d degrees are really hard to get into, results wise not portfolio.


I also think that going to a university is a good thing to do. But really the thread is all about if is A MUST in order to get a job. Wich is not.


If you mean arch vis, you don’t need an architectural degree at all, but I would recommend an interest in architecture, read a lot of books about architecture and know who is current in terms of fashionable design. It helps if you know the names of parts of a building as well. On the 3D side, know modelling well, plus texturing/shaders and also lighting and rendering. Some compositing skills would be useful for post work, arch vis these days can be really beautiful - it doesn’t have to just be standard dull flythroughs.

I agree with the other posters; you don’t need a degree to get a job. However for most students, they do need a structured learning environment with assistance when required to enable them to get their skills to an employable level. Not every university provides this level of teaching however.


This all depends on what role you want to head into, who you want to work for and which 3D industry you want to go into?

I personally think of 3D as in 4 main areas -
VFX for Films
VFX for Commercials and TV

For me I’m know more about VFX and it is normally this, Films are specialists, Commercials and TV more generalist for small companies. However theres a variety of skills needed for both areas and its best to look at the job descriptions for companies with jobs you want to apply for, they tell you what skills you need and ask if your reel match that job role and the company needs. Also in films the generalists roles are normally Senior Artists who get this role as they have a big knowledge base and alot of experience. For specialist, it explains itself, need a focused reel and for generalist show a variety of skills. However if you make a reel with more than one skill make sure you are good in both areas, as studios don’t want to see examples of stuff you can do, just because you can do it, so only focus on areas you are good at.

I know a bit about games, so I will try to explain. Due to the limitations of consoles, for games it is a totally different way of working. Personally I think games have less departments since they don’t need to render, so no Rendering and Comping departments, some compaies have small animation departments as alot of animation is done with Mo-cap. If you are going for 3D roles in games the first thing you need to show in your portfolio or reel is knowledge of a game engine, can you place you work inside a game engine. Majority of positions in games are modellers, you need to show you can low poly modelling and texturing skills are essential and also know how to use a sculpting app so you can make displacement maps and texture a model with it. There other roles but you are prob better off asking someone with more insight.

Arch-Viz is probably the least I know about. I would follow the suggestion of other and look up Arch Viz companies and see what work they do and see if you can create similar work. At the end of the day all companies and all areas of 3D want are people with the skills they need and if their work matches in with what they are creating. You can find alot of reel advice everywhere and note only show your best work.

Well good luck and Merry Christmas


yer thanks for replying


is it worth trying to get work experience in a 3d company
even if i did i wouldn’t know where to look any suggestions?


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