Can i export the polygroup colors


I would love to know if it possible in any way to export the Zbrush polygroup colors through.
This has been bugging me for 2 weeks now.

pause…next day…
okay i got it…must be tired.


I`m not sure why you need it. One way would be:

  • select one polygroup/hide the rest
  • turn on PolyFrame
  • pick the color (drag from the ColorSelector box on the model)
  • fill that group with the color (Color/FillObject)
  • repeat for all the polygroups

I hope it helps.


you spent 2 weeks, i spent 2 seconds :wavey:
2 easy steps

1 your mesh needs to have UV
2 clone Txtr once done and export the Texture


I really don’t want to spend hours doing stuff over and over. gah!
I colored everything polypaint from polygroup …this is a one click thing.
I found a solution that works through the 3dprint exporter.
-Exported as .vrml no mapping needed just the polygroup base color you see in Zbrush is exported, which makes it easy to select from hundreds of objects in Rhino3d viewport …though the wires are not colored.
This also maintains polygroups and will does not frak with any meshes
in any way i can see yet.
yay! i win.
tested out okay…anyway thanks guys.

By cloneops at 2012-05-30


glad it worked


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