Can i delete these 3ds max as. programs?


Hello, i want to ask, if it is possible to use just 3ds max, because i think there are also other programs installed with it. Is it possible to delete the instalation of the other programs that are installed with 3ds max (and dont harm the instalation or functioning of the 3ds max itself)?

For example i think that with 3ds max instalment comes also programs like:

  • Autodesk Direct Connect 2014 (takes around 1 GB of space)
  • Autodesk Composite 2014 (takes around 700 MB i think)
  • Autodesk essential skill videos (or something liek that) (take around 300MB)
  • Autodesk Inventor Server Engine (takes around 370 MB)
  • Autodesk Material Library Medium Resolution Image Library (takes around 740 MB and i dont know what that is)?
  • Autodesk Revit interopability (or something)

There are others but they are usefull (fbx library or something), these wont be deleted.
But the above mentioned i think could be deleted (to save space on C disc). They wont be used probably (not sure what that Autodesk Material Library Medium Resolution Image Library though).

Can these programs be deleted without harming the functioning of “normal” 3ds max program?


Yeah, unless you need to import files from Revit or Inventor, or another CAD program. If you are just working in Max you won’t need these.

And if you do need them someday, you can re-install and add them back.

The Autodesk material library images are bitmaps that are used in the Autodesk Materials. Again, if you don’t use these and are just working in Max, they are safe to remove.


Ineteresting, i was thinking about some of these programs also before, the first one, the Autodesk Direct Connect, what does that do? Is that program necessary to send something from max directly to mudbox for example? Or whats it for


It’s basically the importer for all kinds of CAD data formats.


In my experience, if you’re sticking with “art” programs (mudbox, maya, zbrush) then you don’t need them. Once I started receiving data in Revit, Solidworks, Inventor these became immensely helpful. Before that, never needed them.


Interesting and can you elaborate more about the Autodesk Material Library Medium Resolution Image Library

these are some default standard or mental ray bitmap textures that are used in some default pre-made materials (standard or mental ray) that are shipped with 3ds max? So if im using my own textures and have vray as renderer for example i really dont even need those aswell? And if i delete them, i WONT delete some standard 3ds max map types (like mix map, composite map, fallof map), do i get it right please?


They are specific material types. Autodesk materials. They are used in Revit, and maybe some other software. So if I bring a model in from Revit and it’s using those materials, they show up in my Max scene. If I uninstalled that, it would probably say “missing material” when I import from Revit.

The bitmaps used for these materials are quite garbage, in my opinion. Very small, very poorly tiled, etc. If you are using Vray and making your own materials, you would most likely never use them.

Things like Mix, Composite, Falloff, Noise, these are standard map types and will still be there for you. If you uninstall the “Autodesk Material Library Medium Resolution Image Library” you are only taking out texture images that are used in Autodesk Materials, which you probably aren’t using anyways. Good way to save space, and if you need them you can always re-install and get them back.



Thanks for all the valueable info (!) :-).