Can i connect my Note 3 to Zbrush as a graphics tablet?


Hi guys,

I’m new on this forum and on zbrush

My name is Bruno and i’m a 3d jewelry designer based in Brussels.

I’d lke to know if it was possible to connect my Samsung Note 3 to Zbrush and use it as a graphics tablet? And if it s possible, how can i do that?

Thx a lot for your attention.

graphics tablet


This old thread indicates ‘not’.

That forum would be the best place to ask as well.


Even if you can do it - there may be some android app for this - I don’t think a Note 3 has enough surface area to be a useful tablet for ZBrush. Its far too small in my opinion.

My advice would be to get a proper Wacom tablet for this. They are much cheaper these days than they used to be.

You’ll probably also give yourself RSI or muscle fatigue if you try to use a Note as a graphics tablet.

Note is designed for making quick notes on the go while it sits in your hand. It isn’t designed for 4 - 5 hour sculpting sessions in ZBrush or other sculpting software.


3d-sculpting is very demanding on quality of tablet, much more than 2d-drawing. So wacom would be a better choice.


Thanks a lot guys.

I’ll follow your advices, I’ll get a wacom.