Can a film director become a game director?


Hi, i was lately thinking about an idea. All my life i have dreamed of becoming a game director. I recently finished 3d animation school but realized that to become a game director you need experience into team leading and game concepting. And i learned that there was no school for game directing, its an in-house promotion that we get through our ranking. A writer or game level designer can become one one day. but i dont want to move my rank up cuz it takes too long. So i had the idea of becoming a movie director hoping that i can use my team leading experience and i can use my art of movie shot to give my next employer of game industry that i have already stories, art and ideas on paper. Would this be convincing enough for them to employ me as a game director with movie directing experience and with all my art ideas on paper from movies already? otherwise said, i wish to make my movies into game again one day! I recently was interested in some movie schools and i realized what job opportunity this field gives us and i read " a career in video games", could this be possible? Can a movie director become a game director?

i know i can become a director of 3d animation movie but what concerns me is game director.
By choosing the path of a movie director rather than moving my rank up will take les time and would make me more rich and famous, and make me more valuable and important at persuading employers to employ me.


Well… I suppose that everything is possible, but still I must say NO…

Seriously, no video game house will hire a person that doesn’t have a reputation as a game designer and/or programmer.

I’ve worked as an character animator in various houses (mainly in Europe) and I have never met nor even heard of a game director that haven’t worked as a game designer or a programmer.

I just want to make sure that you understand that in 98% of animated films the director is also a in-house position. You have to build your way up just like in game industry and start from bottom usually as an animator.

Video game director is essentially a game designer, he is the person that oversees the lead designer and game designer team and reports to the lead producer. Just like you can’t work as a director of animation if you don’t have experience in animation, you can’t work as a game director if you don’t have experience in game development.

You must also understand that the game director is hired to lead a existing team unlike movie directors who usually build their own team. People who have worked as a part of that team for years and know the team are simply much better suited for leading the team than an outsider.

So, if you want to be a video game director then aim for a job as a game designer first.


Of course you can. why don’t you try to start a simple game game by your self or team ? after making a simple one, you can have a little experience for becoming a game director, then try to goes for a bigger game :slight_smile:

Well… everything start from small to big… :slight_smile:


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