Cameras at Siggraph?


Hi everyone,

2010 will mark my first time at Siggraph, and I am quite excited. I received an email from them yesterday, however, which rather explicitly stated that no cameras were allowed anywhere in Siggraph. To quote the message:

No cameras or recording devices are permitted at SIGGRAPH 2010. Abuse of this policy will result in the loss of the individual’s registration credentials.

I hate to sound thick-headed, but does this really mean that absolutely no cameras can be used anywhere (i.e. even the floor)? I could understand that some companies don’t want their talks to be recorded, but I have a hard time believing that I won’t be able to snap a photo of some new insane hologram or software bundle. I fully respect proprietary information, but would like to take a photo or two…

Anyone know anything more specific?



This rule is ignored so often at the showfloor it is not even funny.



Hi Guys,

I Need to get some video of a presentation on TUESDAY, 27 JULY | 11 AM - 12:00 PM
PM or email if you are available and can do it for a reasonable fee.


Probably better off waiting for the conference DVD - chances are they won’t allow you to record any of the presentations.


Thanks for the responses, everyone! :thumbsup:


one interesting camera at this years Siggraph - was HDR Video Camera - see new footage here -


Yeah I’ll need to get 2 or 3 of these.


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