Camera wont zoom in gets stuck?


This has happened to me for a long time and I cannot find the answer. I use mouse wheel to zoom in and out and for some reason it stops sometimes and wont zoom in any further even though its not close? and I cannot move sometimes, it wont zoom back out. I try using arrow keys etc but why the problem with the zoom? sometimes you can use the magnifying glass icon to zoom again but mostly its not working. It happened on max 6 and 7, perhaps its the way I use the mouse wheel to move forward and back. Its not really zooming is it? its just moving around. Whats the best method to move around or is this a common bug?


Hold CTRL + ALT and press the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) then drag in and out.


I believe I know what is happening.
Sometimes 3ds max changes the zoom speed accordingly to the size of the object you have selected while you work. For example if you are a door is fast but then u select the door noob and it end up really slow.
What I do is I select again a big objecto and it gets ok. Never got around to look for why that happens, must be a option somewhere, but sometimes it seems really random.
Hope that helps.


Scale is a big part of the problem. I usually reverse engineer small parts at 10 times thier actual size just to have better camera control and accuracy.



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