Camera Switcher Blueprint for Unreal Engine 4


So this is a little camera switching blueprint that I put together. It allows for very easy camera transition setups.

The process I describe below should take about 2 minutes to complete.

  • Unzip and copy the .uasset file into your project’s Content folder. It should then show up in your Content Browser

  • Drag the CamSwitcherPawn blueprint into your scene. It creates a camera that will take over the default Player Pawn and camera.

  • You need to create a target view that the camera will switch to. It can be any Actor object. I use a TargetPoint object and “Pilot” its view to set up my target viewpoint.

  • In the Level Blueprint, add a “Move to Target” node (this is available once the blueprint is in your scene).

  • The “Target” is the CamSwitcherPawn BP reference, the “Target Actor” is the TargetPoint actor reference, and you can set the duration (in seconds). If you set to 0, the camera will snap to the target.


where can I download this?