Camera shake in Motionbuilder


Kia-ora ,

Does anyone has any tutorials or great ideas how to setup a procedural Camera_Shake ? I assume the best place to try and create this sort of thing will be using a relation constraint using a random node and combination of others ? I am trying to achieve a hand held look but want to also have the control of my camera and interest which will also have the initial move already animated . Ideally i would like to be able to have this shake applied to my camera and the interest individually to achieve the best level control.

Any thoughts would be more than appreciated .



I had to do a camera shake in MB last year for a real-time show. Ended up using the relation constraint and 3 random/noise nodes (one for each axis) to shake the camera.
It worked, but the effect wasnt that nice, very jerky!

Good luck


Thanks for your reply Jifman ,

I actually had a friend help me out and we did just that except used one on each axis for each camera and interest . I was able to maintain my original animation and with some fair amounts of tweaking got a pretty good result. One thing that did help was making sure the random node was sampling from positive and negative (quadrant) to give a more reliable output.

Thanks again


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