Camera shake based on soundfiles !?!


Ok, is there a way to constrain the intensity of a camera shake with properties of sound files (volume/bass/etc.)?

I know this feature from After Effects and 3dsmax (not only camera shaking of course … any values are great to constrain to sound!!!)

If you’ve ever worked on anything similar to this I would luuuuuve some comment. :slight_smile:

thanks in advance


Do you have SI|3D too? it has channels to read in sound files and output to an channel of an object producing an fcurve.

Or use another 3D package to convert sound to curves and export the curves and import into XSI. Maya has one now right?

I prefer Houdini as it has a full Channel Operator interface with OPs to filter, convert, resample etc, the sound before exporting to an animation curve, then export its curves or the fastest most relaible but admitedly worst way to get it into other packages is to plot the cure to a dxf and import that into the other package and convert it to a curve or put sometng on it as a path and plot. The most accurate way is export the curves and import them.

XSI definitley needs more channel development.


there is a script to convert a sound file in fcurve
somewere ,don t remember where, but there is one!!


ok I found this link :

but no download button :frowning:


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