"Camera Shader" DOF problem


Hi Everyone!

“Camera Shader” DOF problem :

Camera 1 “sees” Object 1
Camera 2 “sees” Object 2
Camera 1 renders Object 1, (Object 1 is partially blurred - Camera 1 has DOF).
Camera 2 renders Object 2, textured with Camera Shader, (Camera 1 Shader), but the texture is completely sharp.

In both Standard and Physical Renderers the original DOF blur effect is gone.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help!


Likely just a limitation. Camera shaders just redirect rays of light via a camera, id be surprised if it would work. It especially wont work with standard as DOF is just a post effect


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I agree about “Standard Renderer” and “Post Effect”, but Physical Renderer? “Camera shader” has a huge artistic potential, and I’m sure “Physical” algorithm could be more sophisticated than just redirecting light rays.

Any more ideas? Workarounds? External Plugins? Renderers?

Thank you for your help!


Very cheap solution :
Add a blurr gradient plane …