camera rotation problem


Hello, I have been having some problems with a camera effect I’ve been trying to make. Basically, I want a camera to vertically rotate around an object while both are moving forward. I have noticed taht when the camera gets to the top of its rotation, it does a 180-degree turn. i was wondering if it was possible to keep that from happening. Thank you for the help.



hmm. u could try setting more keyframes for the camera, if u’ve only got one or two for a lage rotation it will cause this sort of problem


in motion panel > parameters make sure ‘use target as up node’ is ticked.



maybe you’re experiencing the effects of gimbal lock. Look it up in the help files. Using the gimbal reference coordinates may solve the problem.

Hope thet helps



Thank you very much for the replies. Sadly, none of them have worked so far, of course, this could stem from my lack of experience. Gavinb, I have tried putting more keyframes, yet, the problem would always come back. gman, I have tried what you said and I have found that doing that changes where the flips take place, but they dont go away completely. marcusss, I am currently researching what to do to correct a gimbal lock, but, I haven’t had much sucess so far. I will continue researching in hopes of a solution.

Thank you everyone


i had a similar problem time ago, here is the link to the thread, could help to solve your problem.


Thank you so much! That link really gave me some good tips on how to solve my problem.


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