Camera render issue


am using max 2018 and vray 3.6
when I do render my scene the camera zoom out of the scene with no reason
the camera is animated throw the scene by being parented to a helper
here attach tow pic one of them is the camera view as it suppose to be and the other is the rendered frame if any one could help me on this
thanks in advance


The obvious question - are you sure you’re rendering through that camera and not another that’s locked in the render dialog?
Or are you using camera options that aren’t fully supported by the viewport, distortion or cylindrical/environment cameras for example? In that case, viewport and render output may be different.


Yep, double check the camera rollout in the vray tab for camera type distortions.


I did all the necessary check of this steps
There is nothing to distort the camera on cam rollout or on the camera it self
also the render view is locked to this camera it self actually its the only camera in the scene


not sure then. try creating a new camera, attach to the helper and see if it renders correctly.


Can you upload a scene with just the camera and a stand-in object? (Save for the earliest Max version you can - you could also check if the problem is related to Max 2018 that way.)

Another obvious (although unlikely) solution might be that you accidentally activated 2d zoom (can’t read the viewport title).


Make sure the camera target distance is not zero. I recently had an issue like this and this solved it. Not sure how it got zeroed but it did.

Hope it works.