Camera Match to video in XSI?


I am considering the purchase of either Maya or XSI v2. I’m interested in knowing if XSI has direct support for the following (built-in), if it’s available via plug-in or if it’s necessary to use a 3rd party solution.

  • Camera Matching - does XSI have an integrated module to track live action footage to support the addition of 3d elements?

  • RIB support - can XSI export the geometry and materials to RIBs for rendering in BMRT?

  • Trees / Foliage - I’m guessing XSI doesn’t have an equivilant to Paint FX in Maya, but… what is the normal process for adding trees, grass and other foliage?

Thanks for the help guys.


Unfortunately XSI doesn’t have any of features you mentioned.

I know that Animal Logic is working on a RIB translator and it should be out within months (or maybe I’m just wrong).

As for the other features, maybe in a future release…

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Bernard Lebel


Thanks for the reply Atyss.

If XSI doesnt have integrated support for those features can anyone mention a plugin or separate 3rd party application that they would recommend?

Also…one more feature

  • Footsteps in snow or on grass - does XSI have support for deformation of a mesh from say footsteps (ie in the snow)? What about using XSI’s fur as a grass shader but having the grass compress as a character walks on it?



yes you can do footsteps, either with softbodies or with fur/hair
you should go to and see the tour of XSI videos, i think they have a ball rolling onver the grass video which looks sweet


There are two programs that are definitely worth looking in to. Boujou ( and Match mover from



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