Camera mapped 2D drawings


I have been experimenting with using camera mapping to make 2D drawings move in 3D. As far as I know, camera mapping is mostly used to make moving, rich backgrounds for 3D and special effect scenes quickly. However, what I have been trying to do here, is to use artwork that still looks very 2D, and to maintain that look while it animates. So I am aiming at keeping it far from realism here. I made two little videos to test how far I can take that:

Animation #1: Facial animation of the Evil Pope

Animation #2: The War Room brought to life

What I think is really cool here, is that I can push the animation pretty far, with bending arms and changing facial expressions and camera angles and such, while if you stop the animation at any moment, it still looks entirely like a 2D drawing.

For those interested in this technique: more background and images and such on how this was made can be found on my blog.

For those who don’t know how camera mapping works, here’s a little explanatory scheme:

These little videos of course only work because they are based on cool 2D drawings. These were made by Marlies Barends and Roderick Leeuwenhart. Thanks folks for letting me use that cool work! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of trying this technique on a little real-time 3D game environment prototype next, but it will be a while before I have that ready, and I’m still looking for a concept artist to make that with. :slight_smile:


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