Camera map per pixel -> Render to texture help


Hello everyone, hopefully someone would be able to help me with this. I am practically a beginner so please stay with me…

What I am trying to do is to bake texture out of the camera view, mostly because Bake to texture doesn’t give me anything similar to camera or even perspective view render. I was using this as an reference on how to set it up initially.

So I have created a ring, unwrapped it and assigned material to it. I then created physical camera, and rendered out the camera view which gave me the result that I want. I have saved it with alpha map TGA, and created new material with Camera per pixel, selected the camera, and render produced previously. I then applied that material to the object and rendered it to texture. And so far, its working as intended.
However the problem is with the parts of the model that is not visible, and that part of course is not baked.

My question is is it even possible to bake to texture using the camera map per pixel on objects that are not planes, such as teapot, ball, cube and so on and to have complete texture baked later on?

The reason I want it that way, is because when I setup the scene (pretty basic, with one HDRI as dome light), and render it to texture the results are not even remotely similar to what I see through the camera.

I am using 3ds Max 2017 with Vray 3.50.04 (although the end texture has to be 1k, so I am willing to do it with Mental Ray or any other decent renderer).

Thanks in advance


“My question is is it even possible to bake to texture using the camera map per pixel on objects that are not planes, such as teapot, ball, cube and so on and to have complete texture baked later on?”

You would have to combine it by hand with a full bake. There are also scripts/plugins like camera map gemini that let you combine maps projected from several cameras. (I think that’s available for 2017, but not sure. There have also been newer scripts/plugins/MCGs if I recall correctly.)

In what way are the results different? Can it be a gamma issue? Do you have the impression the whole lighting calculation isn’t done properly? Have you tried different GI methods? Some are camera dependent.

Viewpoint dependent calculations like specular are usually done based on the active viewport (for Scanline, haven’t checked Vray).
Maybe set up a quick test scene so people can take a look.


Hello Noren,

first of all thank you for your reply and patience, much appreciated!

Well, namely the reflections looks way better when rendered from viewport, opposed baking Vray complete map which is probably top perspective(?)… It don’t think its a gamma issue, the colors are good, but the whole reflections are completely off… Here is an example of what I mean. (quick setup but with the obvious differences)

top one is render to texture with Vray complete map
Bottom one is with Camera map per pixel material rendered out from camera angle…(and missing back of the stone, since well camera don’t see it which is my question in the first place)

Thanks, I will try the scripts you suggested, and feel free to add something that you think it could be useful

Edit: Apparently Camera map Geminin doesn’t exists for Max 2017… I guess I’ll need to lurk moar :wink:


Reflections and refractions are highly view dependent, so I’d argue that even if you manage to bake them from the point of view of the camera, they won’t look convincing when the camera is moving, and I don’t think it would work well to render the backside from the point of view of the camera. Maybe you can select a few views that look good to you and combine those.

Here is a MCG by ghandics, but it’s 2018+

Edit: Might be that doesn’t do the blending part, so it might not work for your use case or you’ll have to do that manually with masks. (Or maybe I’m misremembering how that worked in Gemini).

What’s your intended use?


I am aware of that, but realized that it will happen with standard baking as well… and I prefer the viewport baking… And yeah, as camera moves it will lose its details on reflections but I am importing it into old engine (Secondlife), where you pretty much have no shaders at all that would get you remotely decent refractions/reflections, hence baking it…

will check that one out and let you know, thanks again Noren!