Camaro 2010, Tamás Tóthfalussy (3D)


Title: Camaro 2010
Name: Tamás Tóthfalussy
Country: Hungary
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay


this is the last picture of a 12 piece cartoon muscle car series I started to make for a calendar as a hobby project 2 years ago. The first one was a Camaro 1969, and I finished the series with the same 40 years younger model. You can see some of the other pieces as well here if you’re interested:

Hope you like it!


fantastic rendering, the engine is pretty amazing :drool:

Other images are also very nice. Good job.


I just wonder how will the driver see the road in front of him while there is a V30 engine blocking his view lol :stuck_out_tongue:

nice job anyway


Hahaha Amazing Engine ! :smiley:


looks great! :thumbsup:


great work …
any chance to see all of them ? :slight_smile:


Beauty and Clean rendering with good modeling :slight_smile:


Cool Engine :cool:
great modeling & rendering . :thumbsup:


Very well done. I’m just curious but how is the driver supposed to drive with that in his face? Lol. Keep up the great work!


awesome work, the other renderings are great as well, i would love to see more of them



very very good modeling by this car i like it 2 much but i think u make the engan is very bag i think the driver he is not see any think from the street ???

good luck 4 ever :bowdown:


this is just amazing work, very well done and wonderful rendering!
can we see it all and where can i buy the calender? :wink:


Very nice cars ! I’ll love to see some 40 liters V8 on some ratrod. :wink:


WOOOOOOOOW! This is UBER COOL :slight_smile:

You’ve done AMAZING JOB!

Great work!


Amazing cars, amazing concepts…:thumbsup:


Thanks for your kind words everyone! :slight_smile:

The calendar is on WIP state yet, first of all I have to render highres versions of all the cars and design the calendar layout.

Here are some wires and links to other pieces of the series.

Thanks again!

Chevy chevelle -
Chevy Bel Air -
Corvette -
Cadillac Eldorado -
The Eldorado will be redisigned and the girl will be removed because it doesn’t fit really in the series.
VW Beetle -
Pontiac GTO -
old Camaro -


wonderful! :slight_smile:
you are right, the woman doesn’t really fit and i’m not sure if the vw beetle fits this too…
tell us when you are finished, i will buy one (or too) for sure!


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