Cam. for matchmoving


I’m not sure is this the right place for posting, if not, sorry in advance…

I’m planning to buy a HD video cam. for some vfx work i can’t afford professional stuff actually i don’t need full HD resolution half hd just be fine but want really sharp & high quality videos especially for matchmoving works so all advices are welcome…


Get a Canon hv-20
The camera comes with a CMOS and rolling shutters, this means if you have extreeme turbulent camera moves it wont work that good, Extreeem beeing you running all you can holding the camera in the hand panning like crazy.

There is no camera next to the quality/price than the hv20, it has awsome lum in low lights.
Its cheap and its HD.

You might find threads around the net stating its impossible to track with a rolling shutter, these people does not know what they are doing.

Ive done tons of tracking wiht the hv20 and everything is rock solid.

Happy hunting.

Its the best camera a long way down the road price/ quality.


Gkmotu thanks for that, i searched canons;hv20 -hv30 and HF100 after your message, features look nice and you said enough for matchmoving but the sine qua non that i forgot to mention is usb connection to pc i, it looks hv-20 does not provide usb connection i don’t want to use any internal & external solution between cam and pc (how can you transfer videos to pc with hv20?) By the way i found a cheap hf-100 in here do you recommend it? and finally can you post a single video image from your hv-20 record? it would really help to see quality. thanks in advance…



firewire is still the standard for videotransfer to your computer, i would suggest buying a firewire pci card or something, which costs next to nothing compaired to the camera


Hmm cam’s have (dv in/out) and (av out only), are they use as firewire connection?


yes there is firewire.
I use the hv20 with a firestore, eerything gets recorded via firewire to a small box that has a Harddisk inside it, can ust plug that directly into the computer and drag and drop the footage to the post app.

here is a few images, they are shot with a 35mm adaptor and without.

thats with a 35mm adaptor.

traking hv20
super fast track of the hv20

car on table
youtube of hv20 3d track with true HDR light done on the set with a chrome sphere and acordinly 2 sets of various f.stop series to generate a 360 hdr for lights and refelection.


Wow! all looking great i guess hv-20 would be just fine with firewire stuff, i would like to ask one more thing my knowledge on lenses/cams are so narrow so it can be dumb question; what is the 35mm adaptor? that video still image looks fantastic for an affordable cam like hv-20 :surprised


The hv20 is a great camera no doubt about it.
The 35mm film adaptors comes in various styles and qualities, I picked one thats proven to be used on many feature films.
The adaptor+ acromat and external lenses gives you a focus of various lenghts to play with.
The raw hv20 has only very little and limited focus control.
A typical raw HD camera footage session would give you everything in focus where an adaptor + acromat setup sets you in the position to isolate the point of interest.

The adaptor is a rotating transparent disk that you set the camera to focus on, small grains are the focus point on the disk, when the disk spins the grains micro blur edges and strong focus areas to give you a sharp but also 35mm film look. the acromat is a piece of magnifyer that helps you beeing able to Zoom on the camera enough to get the whole Filmback in frame and still beeing able to focus the Ground glass.
You use the lens infront of the adaptor to pull focus, some…my self included has Follow focus systems. they provide exelent and convenient suport for easing pulling focus.

ask if in doubt.


Thanks a ton for the explanations gkmotu i want to ask one last thing (really) as i said i will rearrange sequences to res. like 1k not need full hd (or is that any option when recording?) so recording on 1k can provide more quality than full hd ?


no benefit even if it was possible, shooting the highest res possible and scale post is fine.
the hv20 does 1920x1080 images you can do ½HD 960x540, i do that all the time for small gigs. or 720p, note the full hd footage needs to be deinterlaced so it gains true 1080p.


Great :thumbsup: thanks again.


I use the hv20 and I love it while the colour is a little washed out it’s easy to amp in post. I’ve also noticed that the video in 24p isn’t highly subject to artifacting even with quick movement except in the most extreme situations. I highly recomend it.


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