Calling Undo...


Is it possible for maxscript to get the list of the undo currently holded in the undo buffer?

And even more important, is it possible for maxscript to call a undo up to that specific undo state?

Currently I only found “max undo” which often appear to undo only half of some function. (Like when you do an attach, it appear there is a select called automaticly after the attach, so “max undo” undo the select and not the attach.)
Any way to target passed function?

While being there… Anyway to know when a specific function is called? I haven’t found any callbacks that seam to answer to an attach (Aside from nodeDelete, but how to know it’s an attach and not a simple delete?). As for the “when” handler, some like topology or geometry appear to be called like everytime anything happen. (Moving an object call the topology change… Why!?)


Not that I’m aware of unless there is something new in 2008 that I have not seen.


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