Call of Juarez - The Cartel II, Peter Kolus (3D)


Title: Call of Juarez - The Cartel II
Name: Peter Kolus
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Hello !

There is another image for long-term client Ubisoft
made to promote new shooter - Call of Jaurez: The Cartel.

Hope you like it!

Full info:

Agency: Ars Thanea
Design Director: Peter Jaworowski
Lead 3D Artist: Piotr Kolus
Character Modeler: Marcin Klicki
Simulation: Anna Mierzejewska, Piotr Kolus
Digital Artists: Michal Andrzej Dziekan, Karol Kolodzinski, Michal Lisowski
Retoucher: Peter Jaworowski, Karol Kolodzinski
Production Manager: Marcin Molski


and some more images:




Excellent work! :thumbsup: Love especially the modeling of the folds - extremely skilled! Poses look somewhat heroically static and hair like freshly styled, but probably intended to get the manner of painted movie posters.

Congrats to the whole team!


excellent work indeed.


Another awesome piece of promo art, well done to you and your team!


Very good work again Piotr, both images (this one and the previous art) are spot on :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Great work guys!

I love the atmosphere of the scene, the camera angle, the colors and the models are awesome.

Keep up the good work!! (As always)



I’ts really a great piece of art.

I like very much the ambient, the atmosphere in it. When I was a kind a I always though those concept art/illustrations were screen-shots from the game… Always wondered “how” when I went through all the game and didn’t see such scene :rolleyes:

Again, amazing Peter. I’m a fan of Ars Thanea’s artworks.


very great work!!, many compliments!!:applause:


thanks you for c&c :thumbsup:


wow surprise again/

excellent work ./

please explain a little about hair systems in this work



This looks really great, I was wondering though… What kind of poly counts are these characters, after baking and such?


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